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il bagliore

Il bagliore is a New York based skin care company which specializes in anti-aging skincare technology. Our products are formulated from decades of skincare experience with the goal of turning back the hands of time. Drawing inspiration from her Italian heritage, Founder Anne Visconti-Cajigas created il bagliore (the glow). Her products are designed to get right to the heart of it all, and work to produce vibrant glowing skin.  

From the Founder

Anne Visconti-Cajigas

You've worked in skincare for decades, what inspired you to create il bagliore?

I was inspired by my grandmother, Giuseppina Visconti, who always took great care of her skin. I was very young when I first noticed, too young to ask for her secret, but old enough to be impressed by how she aged with beauty and grace. I went on to start my own skincare business in New York which allowed me to work with people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds to achieve their skincare goals. After working with my clients through the day, I found myself researching the latest trends and technologies well into the night. Eventually I came to develop my own products with the help of custom formulators, and il bagliore was born.

What kinds of ingredients did you consider when developing your products?

I made sure to source skin-healthy ingredients based on established science, and my own experience with clients. I formulated products with bioactive ingredients, which work with skin on a cellular level to enhance overall complexion. The moment these ingredients are applied, they get straight to work and with continued use, produce visible, lasting reuslts.

What are some of the most common skincare mistakes you've encountered?

The sun is a constant source of degrading UV radiation, but clients' skincare regimens are sometimes inconsistent. In skincare, consistency is key: the transformative power of a quality product reveals itself over time. UV damage from the sun can penetrate deeply into the skin, but our products are formulated to do the same. When used consistently they can strengthen the skin's natural defenses, and help to restore its youthful glow.

What kinds of results can clients expect from il bagliore?

More even skin-tone, and firmer, healthier looking skin. As with all anti-aging products, you can never start using them too early! Il bagliore's formulas help with the reduction of age-related symptoms such as sagging, spots, and wrinkles. They are also ideal for those suffering from acne, acne scarring, and similar conditions.

What was the inspiration behind the name "il bagliore"?

In Italian, il bagliore means "the glow". For me, the glow arises from the confidence within. Clear, healthy skin can further boost that confidence. I've focused my whole career on helping my clients experience this feeling. Healthy skin is something we all desire, but each person's needs are unique. I created il bagliore to help people love what they see in the mirror, to glow inside and out. This is my passion, and I'm so excited to share it with the world!

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