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il bagliore's Glow Quiz

With il bagliore, a little goes a long way. Our line of clean beauty is concentrated and crafted of the finest quality to enhance your daily self-care routines for transformative results. This tailored assessment is designed with you in mind and helps to better direct your decisions that fit your needs. Upon completion, an email will be delivered with your curated selection. Of course, phone consultations are always welcome! Simply reach out via email at to arrange a meeting.

Please answer all below
Take your time and be honest!
What are your skincare goals? Select all that apply.
Do you have bee allergies?
Are you pregnant?
Are you on accutane?

Thank you for taking our Glow Quiz! We'll be in touch via email shortly.

Are you undergoing chemotherapy?
Do you use tanning beds or suntan regularly?

A Note...


Anne Visconti-Cajigas, CEO & Founder

"True beauty shines through the skin, and we are here to show you the light in your own journey so that you feel comfortable, confident, and captivating in your skincare routine."

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