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"I am 53 and recently started to notice the 'wear and tear' of those 53 years on my face. I made an appointment with a Park Avenue dermatologist who suggested a lower face lift and gave me the name of a plastic surgeon. I left her office with a bag full of facial products. I put aside my old products and followed her routine as suggested. Honestly, for the money I spent, I didn't really see that much of a difference. My sister suggested I make an appointment with Anne, her esthetician. That was nearly 9 months ago. I've been using her skin care line il bagliore faithfully for the last 9 months and my skin has truly never looked or felt so good. I often read reviews of various products on the market and wonder if they are legitimate. There are so many different products on the market today all promising to "rewind the clock." I can honestly say that the Vitamin C Serum, EyeRenew, Power Lifting Collagen and Bee Venom Mask is my "Fountain of Youth." Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in making women look and feel beautiful! - Sarah