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What "You" Have To Say!

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“I really love the smell of [the Bee Venom Serum] and the firm finish it leaves on my face. It also gives a beautiful glow and I will be using it everyday forsure!” -@oliviastabilee 

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“Initial thought when I first opened [the Vitamin C Serum] was that it smells so fresh and soothing! This makes a big difference for a product you apply daily. The texture is so smooth and left my skin feeling very silky and looking super glowy. It is definitely a product I am going to add into my daily skincare routine.” -@emberjohnson

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“Really enjoyed [the Clear Pore]. I like it a lot and it feels super good on my skin! It gives me a nice glow and kills off all dead skin. It’s part of my morning routine now.” -@asbury14

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“So I used the Equalizer and Eyesobrite before bed and I woke up and my skin was literally glowing ha!” -@kdodd_10

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“Loved the packaging and her note was so thoughtful & kind. This will make her stand out way more than other companies.”  -@norapaulos

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“I love this cleanser so far, I've been using it for several days now. It's the only cleanser I have that does not dry out my skin. I have a combination of oily and dry skin and it keeps both problems to a minimum. It's an amazing cleansing lotion for sensitive skin. Cleanses the skin without irritating or drying it and does not leave it greasy. The packaging is beautiful, and I think it’s so cool that it’s glass. As someone who suffers from Eczema, Manuka honey has always been a go to for me and now to have it in a cleanser form makes things a whole lot easier. I also love love love the fact that it’s cruelty free!” -@angelicavcaruso

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“I love [the Cleanser & Moisturizer] both they smell unreal… it’s so amazing, the moisturizer doesn’t make my skin feel oily, which I love. It's like a cream base. The cleanser left my skin feeling super refreshed and soft and actually cleared up my forehead quite a bit after just one use!” -@cydney.makara

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“I loved the handwritten note and thought it was a very personal touch, which made me like the brand more and the [Vitamin C Serum] was amazing!” -@oliviaalboher

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“I LOVE [the Probiotic Moisturizer]! The texture is perfect on the skin, not sticky or tacky feeling. It’s so hydrating and when I put It on overnight I wake up and still feel the product working, it’s really good. Like I didn’t want to wash my face this morning cause It was so smooth from putting on the product before I went to bed haha” -@niicoleamber

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“[The Cleanser] makes my face feel super clean and fresh after washing compared to other washes. I really love it!” -@romyy

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“I really liked the serum, it made my face feel refreshed and soft! The moisturizer made my face burn a little but I did like the consistency and the scent!” -@yovaanv

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“Really enjoyed the smell & feel of [Time Freeze]. Overall, it was a really nice experience.” -@kyrasantoro

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“My favorite now! Really, really liked [the Vitamin C Serum]” -@ellie.vandeel

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 10.34.35 AM.png

“My skin was illuminating after just one-use of [the White Truffle]  -@alexxis.avery

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