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7 Benefits of Vitamin C

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Since 1937 when we discovered how vitamin C prevents illness in humans, we have continued to find more benefits in vitamin C serum. Over time, we have learned of many different ways using vitamin C can work as a natural remedy to improve our lives.

This article will help you understand how you can use vitamin C serum as part of a skin care routine to improve your facial care. By the end, you should be able to choose the best vitamin C serum to suit your needs. So, read on and find out more.

What Is Vitamin C Serum?

A Vitamin C serum is not any one product. It instead refers to several possible topical remedies that you can buy. Vitamin C serum is proven to be the most effective ingredient in collagen synthesis by inhibiting the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin.

1. Reducing the Signs of Aging

Vitamin C works with your body to promote the creation of beneficial proteins. When synthesized by the body, these proteins start to build a form of "scaffolding" or structure that your body can use to heal itself. As the body ages, you will often start to see a reduced production of these proteins. Because of this, the body's structure starts to break down and both lines and wrinkles can start to form. By using serums containing Vitamin C, you can increase the production of beneficial proteins in your skin. These proteins then improve the contours you find in your epidermis. The depressions and other imperfections in your skin's outer layers will start to fill out.

2. Prevent Sagging Skin

Using a vitamin C serum has the benefit of boosting collagen production in the area where you apply it. This is beneficial because collagen is one of the primary things that can help your skin keep its firm nature. Thus, more collagen equals more elasticity, and less collagen equals droopier skin. By making use of a vitamin C infused product, you can tighten up the skin in affected areas and re-invigorate your body to reduce the effects of aging.

Other collagen-related situations that you can improve with the use of vitamin C serums include skin damage from some kinds of stress. By using a vitamin C serum, you could begin to see a more toned look in your future.

3. Promote Healing

In 2017, one study by Pullar et al. found evidence that taking vitamin C supplements could have a positive effect on skin development. As the body uses vitamin C to produce collagen, it helps your skin attract new skin cells to the site of any damage to the skin.

Tests done on animals have shown that collagen was more plentiful in those who took vitamin C supplements. As collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body, it stands to reason that this would be a net positive. This is especially true as your body needs protein to heal its injuries. This same study also had other results that found that:

"The provision of vitamin C to the skin greatly assists wound healing and minimises [sic] raised scar formation."

4. Redness Reduction

Skin serums, especially those with infusions of vitamin C, can often act as an anti-inflammatory. When applied, your skin will revert to closer to its pre-reddened state, allowing you to present yourself as you were before. Studies, such as those by Carr and Maggini in 2017, look at the impact of vitamin C on the immune system. They conclude that:

"Vitamin C appears to exert a multitude of beneficial effects on cellular functions."

The vitamin acts as an antioxidant and protects the body from damage in several ways. When making your skin look good, vitamin C empowers the immune system. Your face will be less likely to show redness, a visible example of allergy symptoms, in the future.

5. Brighter Skin

After getting inflammation in an area, such as from skin damage or other irritation, your skin will begin to make extra melanin. When all over your body, this appears as a deep tan called "post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation". But it can also appear in one location, giving the skin an uneven pigment.

When you see inflammation or other damage in an area, you should try to apply a vitamin C serum on healed intact skin. This will work with your body's natural defenses to start to fade any pigmentation. Your body will then have a more even distribution of melanin across its surface as it does not alter normal skin pigmentation.

6. Skin Hydration

Pullar, Carr, and Vissers were responsible for finding that Vitamin C accumulates due to better hydration. Similarly, poor hydration in the skin and exposing it more to a harsh environment reduces the potential for vitamin C buildup.

At the same time, they also found that better hydration is also caused by increased vitamin C. This cycle helps your body keep its health up, especially when increased through supplementary aid.

7. Soothe Sunburn

A study by Telang in 2013 spoke in detail about the ability of the body to heal itself. It found that high levels of vitamin C increased the "promotion of tissue healing".

As sunburn is an injury to the body caused by the sun's rays, high levels of vitamin C applied to the body could have a beneficial effect.

More on the Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

Now that you understand the benefits of vitamin C serum, you should be able to use that knowledge to make better skin care decisions. Many skin care products exist on the market, so choosing which to use can be difficult. Allow us to help you by checking out our range of products.

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